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Issue 35, Final Fringe
Issue 35, Final Fringe
Issue 35, Final Fringe
Issue 35, Final Fringe
Anheuser Busch
Issue 35, Final Fringe

"Gown Forever" and one more poem

by Heidi Lynn Staples Issue 35 06.24.2013

Are we all / bad cloths, like the good book / says? It goes like this: three bad cloths / walk into a room . . . more »

Assembly Instructions

by Kim Liao Issue 35 06.24.2013

They say the word “Ikea” as if could be chocolate, or the internet, or sliced bread, or crack cocaine. more »

From Bombyonder

by Reb Livingston Issue 35 06.24.2013

You don’t want to hear about marriage, but you’re going to get it, you’re going to get insurance, you’re going to get the girl too, the power you’re going to get is negligible, you’re going to get married. more »

"Landscape with Autopsy" and one more poem

by Ravi Shankar Issue 35 06.24.2013

. . . damp, then the memory of dampening, / and then the dampening of memory . . . more »

Snap Snap

by David Press Issue 35 06.24.2013

I had a psychic experience. I was stumbling down the street.  Stubbing my toe on sidewalk cracks.  Tripping over lines.  On the corner the crossing sign said “Walk,” “Don’t Walk,” “Run... more »

The Blinding in Horticulture, Texas

by Joel Hans Issue 34 05.27.2013

This place is a black hole, if nothing else. No light, no sound. All he knows is that once a life has entered into its sphere, it cannot escape. more »

No End to the Horror

by Metta Sáma Issue 34 05.13.2013

You’ve been told le animal is a great huntress—her favorite is the insect they call palmetto bug Your love for le animal begins like this: you have a great repulsion for the insect she has a great love for seeing the insect die . . . more »

The Self-Help Writer

by Caren Beilin Issue 34 05.06.2013

There are too many women on this syllabus. Don’t review us. There is too much inside of us. more »