Issue 35, Final Fringe


The Cancelled Life

by Jon Chopan 06.24.2013

My father calls me on a Tuesday and says that they are razing some of the Kodak buildings on Friday and would I like to come watch with him. He is excited by the prospect of the explosion and the precision with which they will take the building down. A few seconds and it is over and all that is left is a pile, like snow plowed into the corner of a parking lot. Photographers know no building will stand forever. In a separate room designed to look like the future there are computers... more »

West End Blues

by David Press 06.24.2013

Cadenza I’m warning you. Whatever you do, don’t try to count the notes. You will go mad. I know. I learned the hard way. And now I tell these lunatic stories. The trick is not in how many. The magic comes… more »

Summer of Newts

by Amy L. Clark 06.24.2013

I closed my eyes and thought of the two boys and the little girl in my last home. They were someone else’s kids now. more »

When I Lived in Manhattan...

by Sarah Einstein 06.24.2013

When I lived in Manhattan, we sat in East Side bars full of books and leather, smoking cigars and drinking Cosmopolitans. We wore our pearls without irony, our hair down long and straight, and our heels high. When I lived in Manhattan, my mother used to say, “Don’t come back to West Virginia and tell us how much better everything is in Manhattan because we don’t want to hear about it.” When I lived in Manhattan, Salman Rushdie was our Jay McInerney and we quoted his Fury like... more »

Assembly Instructions

by Kim Liao 06.24.2013

They say the word “Ikea” as if could be chocolate, or the internet, or sliced bread, or crack cocaine. more »

From Bombyonder

by Reb Livingston 06.24.2013

Snap Snap

by David Press 06.24.2013

I had a psychic experience. I was stumbling down the street.  Stubbing my toe on sidewalk cracks.  Tripping over lines.  On the corner the crossing sign said “Walk,” “Don’t Walk,” “Run for Your Life.”  Someone tapped me on the shoulder. Someone… more »

The Blinding in Horticulture, Texas

by Joel Hans 05.27.2013

This place is a black hole, if nothing else. No light, no sound. All he knows is that once a life has entered into its sphere, it cannot escape. more »

No End to the Horror

by Metta Sáma 05.13.2013

The Self-Help Writer

by Caren Beilin 05.06.2013

There are too many women on this syllabus. Don’t review us. There is too much inside of us. more »

We'll Miss You

by Fringe Magazine 04.30.2013

We started Fringe at Jacob Wirth’s, a pub just a stone’s throw away from Emerson College in Boston, where we gathered to study. The year was 2005. We were young, ambitious, and tipsy with self confidence as well as strong… more »

Apocalypse, Now Affordable

by Craig Fishbane 04.08.2013

Are you tired of the same mundane tours that promise to show you the real Vietnam? For a remarkably affordable price (airfare not included), Apocalypse Tours offers you an opportunity to encounter a nation being torn apart by the most photogenic war in the history of modern cinema: Vietnam, exactly as Francis Ford Coppola pictured it. more »


by Rebekah Mathews 03.25.2013

You stare at me for way too long, like I've either disgusted you or like you want to tell me something else about yourself that for some reason you still cannot. more »

B tty

by Molly Pascal 02.11.2013

I live at 801 Imperial House, Munhall Road, a condo-only complex. The key doesn’t work. 401. Identical carpeted hallways with identical wood doors. I’m sure of the one part. 701? 601? I have lived here for fifteen years. My children suggested I move here in order to “make things easier.” For whom? I wondered. I keep the guest bedroom for my black Steinway. I played lullabies on it for Marcia when she was a little girl. Hush little baby, don’t say a word, Momma’s going to buy you a... more »