Issue 35, Final Fringe


West End Blues

by David Press 06.24.2013

Cadenza I’m warning you. Whatever you do, don’t try to count the notes. You will go mad. I know. I learned the hard way. And now I tell these lunatic stories. The trick is not in how many. The magic comes… more »

Snap Snap

by David Press 06.24.2013

I had a psychic experience. I was stumbling down the street.  Stubbing my toe on sidewalk cracks.  Tripping over lines.  On the corner the crossing sign said “Walk,” “Don’t Walk,” “Run for Your Life.”  Someone tapped me on the shoulder. Someone… more »

Apocalypse, Now Affordable

by Craig Fishbane 04.08.2013

Are you tired of the same mundane tours that promise to show you the real Vietnam? For a remarkably affordable price (airfare not included), Apocalypse Tours offers you an opportunity to encounter a nation being torn apart by the most photogenic war in the history of modern cinema: Vietnam, exactly as Francis Ford Coppola pictured it. more »

B tty

by Molly Pascal 02.11.2013

I live at 801 Imperial House, Munhall Road, a condo-only complex. The key doesn’t work. 401. Identical carpeted hallways with identical wood doors. I’m sure of the one part. 701? 601? I have lived here for fifteen years. My children suggested I move here in order to “make things easier.” For whom? I wondered. I keep the guest bedroom for my black Steinway. I played lullabies on it for Marcia when she was a little girl. Hush little baby, don’t say a word, Momma’s going to buy you a... more »

It's Alright Mitt, We're Only Bleeding: An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

by Meg Reid 10.01.2012

We all have hope because we know we have the power to change our own futures. I think you underestimate our power to affect yours. more »

Taking Roots

by Fatimah Asghar 07.23.2012

“From the desert, the dawn of a new age shines upon humanity, the age of the masses.” - Colonel Muammar Qaddafi 1. Depending on where you are in the world the name will begin differently. Sometimes it is hit with a sallow… more »


by Jennifer K. Dick 06.04.2012

The girl who is reading outside the window on the small terraced balcony in the hour or so after sunrise, wind a kind of fist pressed or pressing against her chest, turns a page. Fingers slip between the seams of the book, lift as if to examine a fallen leaf in a courtyard far from trees. A corner flutters, flaps resistance. more »

I Hope It's Not A Frankenstein

by Timothy Isaiah Edmond 04.02.2012

I'm workin' on a heart. It's gonna love watch what I tell you. It's gonna love for me. And receive love. Better than I did the first time. Been workin' on it. It's almost finished, almost whole. Gonna pop that sucker in, wind it up, beat beat. So I can love. more »

My Life Minus You

by Brooke Anne Olive 01.30.2012

I have become a turned chair, a chair that sits pretty in the corner, a piece of furniture, ignored. I am somebody’s ghost, haunting preferred to a holding, I am no longer tactile, invisible. I am a headless flower, dried out in a scum filled vase; I have become next week’s mulch, unbelievable. What has become of me? more »

Two Monologues of Mrs. O'Reilly

by Kate Falvey 01.02.2012

Do you know what it is to “flee”? Perhaps not, since all of your ilk are transfixed by screens and it’s doubtless difficult to animate a first-class flee, though I suppose some brainy little git is even now adjusting his quadrants and trying. You have no range yet, nor do you have the historical reach essential to the finer aspects of theatrical flight. Flouncing you do well enough. I’ve admired your overblown, hand-to-forehead imitation of Jo March’s triumph of overacting. The... more »

More Adventure Comics

by Aaron Block 09.19.2011

Panel 1: Captain Lightning holds Professor Spiralmind by the front of his lab coat, dangling the villain’s body over the ledge of his observatory hideout, as lightning flashes in the background. Rain has matted Captain Lightning’s black hair against his forehead, but it doesn’t obscure his eyes, which are round and focused. more »

A Collection of Glimpses and Two Other Audio Pieces by Michael K. Meyers

by Michael K. Meyers 08.08.2011

This month’s (de)Classified is a selection of audio pieces by Michael K. Meyers. If you enjoy these, check out Meyers’ previously published work with... more »

The Bob Ross Underground Tape Exchange

by John F. Kersey 07.04.2011

THRD SEASON JOY OF PAINTING CLIFFHANGER FINALE: This is old VHSx5+ C- but high vocal resonance (about 9-10, Quidd). Im not into zen meditation but my bf. says its hot shit, a BR classic. like delayed male orgasm he says! ; o Will trade or sell. CONTACT. PS thanks everyone this site saved my life. looking forward to many more trades!!! <3 more »

The Tamiami Trail (Mix): U.S. Route 41, Miami to Michigan

by Neil de la Flor, Maureen Seaton 03.28.2011

I. Two alligators pass each other and flash a secret greeting, like bikers. They stop for gas in Big Cypress Swamp. The woman who owns the station dishes about the best location to spot a panther. (Photo of old timey gas station) Supreme Unleaded is… more »

Under Joe's Volcano

by Jonathan Callahan 01.24.2011

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was the light that would shine in the darkness, even to the ends of the Restaurant, but the darkness did not comprehend the light, nor the Restaurant the Word nor I the Restaurant,… more »

Little Bombs of Heaven: Aphorisms

by Rose Mary Pillowwater 12.20.2010

I don’t hate you, but if you were me, you would hate you. more »

The Cherry Tree

by Nicolas Hoover 12.06.2010

Everyone knows the story, but no one knows how it actually happened. The story is that George chopped down the cherry tree, and said, “Father, I cannot tell a lie, it was I who chopped down the cherry tree.” Here is how it actually happened. more »

Zuhitsu: A London Cypriot Perspective

by Sefik Huseyin 11.08.2010

Went into the office today hoping that I would receive some news about my salary — hoping that it would have been banked by now. I hear a fellow peer decided to commit suicide on a Sunday. I instantly forget about the salary. Awkward how death makes one forget. I can’t seem to get the tragedy out of my head. Nonetheless, I don’t want to intellectualize the situation. Should we all be nihilists/Nietzscheans? To decide that morals have no value; wouldn’t that make me an animal? more »

The Manifold Dimensions of z (or Methuselah’s Voice-Over)

by Neil de la Flor 09.20.2010

ACT I [The voices contained herein are self-contained and non-differentiated but are unique like crystals or fractals, which are neither unique nor practical. As you will find out, or have already discovered, Meta and I were in love and somewhat obsessed with magic and the manifold dimensions of z. This final act, which is really the first act, takes place in 2-space and 3-space, which are like parallel worlds that are unaware of the other but are layered on top of each other like minks or... more »