Issue 35, Final Fringe


We'll Miss You

by Fringe Magazine 04.30.2013

We started Fringe at Jacob Wirth’s, a pub just a stone’s throw away from Emerson College in Boston, where we gathered to study. The year was 2005. We were young, ambitious, and tipsy with self confidence as well as strong… more »

The Great Absence: Looking at the Projects, Afterward

by Christopher Weber 08.27.2012

What better way to fill in the lifeless holes in a city than with the slow, organic creeping of squash vines? What better memorial to a failed housing project than lilacs and purple coneflowers? more »

Amelia Gray & THREATS: Framed and Finished

by Maddie Crum 07.30.2012

"I find it easier to write about things when I'm not deeply familiar with them," Gray says. "I leave out a lot more if it's something that's in my daily experience." more »

When Stories Develop Lives of Their Own

by Carolyn Jones 06.25.2012

Now, months later, I wake up in a cold sweat, shocked at what I’ve done. Not at having the abortion — I’m at peace with the choice we made — but at having written about the most private and painful of traumas. more »

A Colloquy With Jess Stoner

by Ruben Quesada 05.28.2012

“Yet how much room for memory there is / In the loose girdle of soft rain” – Hart Crane ... more »

Barbara Ellen Sorensen: An Uncomfortable Closeness to God

by Rachel Dacus, Barbara Ellen Sorensen 05.14.2012

Poet and writer Barbara Ellen Sorensen talks about poetry as a healing art, the spiritual aspects of living with a disability, and how poetry connects us with beauty. more »

Lizzie Stark: Grownup Make Believe Rocks!

by David Duhr, Lizzie Stark 04.30.2012

Editor-in-chief Lizzie Stark talks to Fringe about her new book, Leaving Mundania, a narrative nonfiction exploration of the world of larp, or live action role-play. more »

Deema Shehabi: Poet in Exile

by Rachel Dacus, Deema Shehabi 02.06.2012

Poet Deema Shehabi talks about writing as a Palestinian exile, and about inspiration as a muse that can be slain, the many moons in her writing, and blending strangeness with familiarity. more »

Review: The Unsung Masters Series, Pleiades Press

by Brian Nicolet 12.19.2011

Brian Nicolet looks at Dunstan Thompson and Tamura Ryuichi, two masters left to collect dust in the basement of the 20th century until The Unsung Masters Series came along. more »

On Poetic Objects and Poetic Economies

by Anna Lena Phillips 10.31.2011

A call for radical formatting: Put a well-loved poem on some nice cardstock and give it—or trade it, or sell it—to a friend. Fringe Editor Anna Lena Phillips, on why we need broadsides and other visual embodiments for poetry now more than ever. more »

Adam Deutsch: Publishing poetry, one collaboration at a time

by Rachel Dacus, Adam Deutsch 09.26.2011

The Publisher/Editor of Cooper Dillon Books talks about poetical collaborations, the underrated virtue of humility, and the need for community. more »

Jeannine Hall Gailey: Poetess as Video Game Heroine (Dying Again)

by Rachel Dacus, Jeannine Hall Gailey 06.27.2011

Poet Jeannine Hall Gailey talks about anime, comics, and how paper books will survive the zombie apocalypse. more »

World of the Map

by Llalan Fowler 05.16.2011

I learned the shape of our world from a map pulled down out of its cocoon above the chalkboard. It was a rainbow burst of color, each country with its own. This map also outlined each US state. As a six year old, this did not strike me as unbalanced, as if worldwide my little state of Ohio was viewed on par with China. They were both purple. I did not wonder why our states were delineated and China’s provinces were not. Should I have? I didn’t know China had provinces until college. Do... more »

Denis Wood: The Power of Maps

by Tim Stallmann 05.02.2011

Cartographer Denis Wood talks with Tim Stallmann about making maps and about his new book, Everything Sings more »

Places That Verb Your World

by Fringe Magazine 04.25.2011

We asked the Fringe armada about meaningful places, and mapped their responses -- from Batman's real-life dwelling to the hills of the Ozarks. more »

Peter Mountford: A Young Man's Guide To Greed and Good Intentions

by Reese Okyong Kwon, Peter Mountford 04.04.2011

A think-tank fellow turned novelist makes economics exciting in his first novel, and talks moral maps, overseas love, and literary heroes with Fringe. more »

Saskia Jordá: Cartographer of Memory

by Saskia Jordá, Heather MacNeill Falconer 03.14.2011

Venezuelan installation artist Sakia Jordá talks about the connection between place and space, how writer Italo Calvino inspired her, and why indifference is the worst response to her work. more »

Austin Kleon: Playtime on Canvas

by Austin Kleon, David Duhr 02.28.2011

The self-proclaimed Ramones of poetry tells Fringe how any idiot can do what he does, and why more adults deserve playtime. more »

Heidi Durrow: The Girl Who Did Not Fall From the Sky

by Heidi Durrow, David Duhr 12.27.2010

Heidi Durrow tells us about her debut novel, and why we shouldn't worry about her emotional well-being. Really. more »

Susan Rich: Traveling Through Space and Time

by Susan Rich, Rachel Dacus 10.11.2010

The award-winning poet talks about what she got out of her Peace Corps years, and poetry’s power to rescue a person from an “emotional tsunami.” more »