Issue 35, Final Fringe


Summer of Newts

by Amy L. Clark 06.24.2013

I closed my eyes and thought of the two boys and the little girl in my last home. They were someone else’s kids now. more »

The Blinding in Horticulture, Texas

by Joel Hans 05.27.2013

This place is a black hole, if nothing else. No light, no sound. All he knows is that once a life has entered into its sphere, it cannot escape. more »


by Rebekah Mathews 03.25.2013

You stare at me for way too long, like I've either disgusted you or like you want to tell me something else about yourself that for some reason you still cannot. more »

We All Had Magic Powers Once

by Matt Sailor 12.04.2012

One of us, I guess it must have been Anton, was going to spend the entire summer in bare feet. We had the obvious objections—How will you get service? What about tetanus? But we wanted him to do it, really. We… more »

Fifty Shades of Greystoke, Lord of the S&M Apes

by g c cunningham 10.15.2012

“Me, Tarzan,” he says. “You, submissive? You like heliports?” more »

My Beauty is So Heavy It Could Crush the Whole of the World

by Jared Yates Sexton 09.10.2012

What is that? Amanda said from the edge of the hole. She had a watered-down drink in hand. Is that some kind of spaceship? more »

The Ghoul That Ate Smiley’s Summer

by Tagreid Abu Hassabo 08.13.2012

Consider this. It is the hottest time of day when the sun lights the entire sky so bright that one cannot be certain of its bearings. The girl lies on a rattan chaise lounge in the garden veranda listening to… more »

Apology for Brother

by Jaclyn Watterson 07.09.2012

By the time I touched it, I knew it was a penis and not a cashew. more »

A.W.: A Story Backwards

by Marni Berger 06.18.2012

A sphere of hope, like A.W.’s pain, unraveled down the back of her throat. “Please don’t kill me,” she said. more »

Liminality: A Life Study

by Allison Dziuba 05.07.2012

She learned once, by the dark spaces between stars, not to believe what one sees. more »

All Towards One Point

by Sean Conaway 04.09.2012

What would happen, those of us with darker imaginations would wonder, when every point became too far separated from all others? more »


by Zoe Gilbert 03.05.2012

Patagonia. She said it like an incantation, trying to cast the same spell over me that the word had cast over her...Patagonia: the end of the earth, the limit of human understanding. more »

Now Pronounce You

by Sutherland Douglass, Brooke Nelson 02.13.2012

He starts carefully lighting matches while Zoe sleeps, one by one, cautiously fingering the burnt orange of the wick, absorbing sulfuric bliss, blistering his fingers’ tips. Every match is to him ever more erotic. Every additional flame snuffing out whatever vertebrate life in him still remains between human stitching. more »

Fresh Bread

by Tom Bonfiglio 01.09.2012

“I love you, Frankie,” Jade says. I tell her I love her back. Neither of us believes it but it sure feels good to pretend we do. more »


by Russell Hehn 10.24.2011

There wasn’t much in the hut besides themselves and Amelia Earhart, and they couldn’t bear to look at one another in the eye. more »

Begin Chest Compressions

by Roxane Gay 10.10.2011

She said, “A tall skinny man drove a knife into his body more than once.” She looked up at bright lights. They were not stars. They were not watching over. more »


by Carmen Adamucci 08.15.2011

When the man discovered that Lupe was staring, he grabbed the arrow shaft and walked to where Lupe was lying on his stomach. The man got on his hands and knees. more »

Shipyard Incidents

by Cat Ennis Sears 06.20.2011

Lara is the fattest woman in the world, the signs say, though they have no way of proving that. Otto puts her on a big scale, the kind that’s used to weigh cows, and he has people guess her weight. more »

humboldt waterfronts

by d. 05.30.2011

i ask my mother how you accumulate losses with aging and don't fail of heart. how do you just keep losing life and yet remain engaged with living? she says the problem is with america. more »