Issue 35, Final Fringe


Body/Paragraph [NSFW: graphic images]

by Franny Choi 04.18.2011

They sat, waiting, wondering what Julie looked like and what they were doing sitting in a car in cheap disguises, waiting to steal a little girl they’d never seen and sell her back to her parents, most likely for much more than she was worth. more »

Modern Powers

by Ethan Chatagnier 01.17.2011

He wishes, as bad as he’d wished earlier to be in that room with the dancing girl, that he could join them. But he’s looked through the wall already. Now, he knows, he can never use the door. more »

I Will Miss You When You Are Gone

by Jacob Driscoll 11.15.2010

My friend was swallowed up by the Atlantic on the day I was to be married. She disappeared beneath the brown-blue waters, and I watched the stormy surface for her to head to come up. It never did. more »

The Face Phantom

by K. R. Sands 09.13.2010

My ardent fingers penetrate her vacant eye orbits, then withdraw. Penetrate, withdraw. Penetrate, withdraw. The sight that feels, the touch that sees. more »

When Somebody Needs Hypnotized

by Mickey Hess 06.14.2010

Winning the Nobel Prize in Literature has done something to Steinbeck. He has become bored with writing, as if there are no new heights he can reach. In the world of hypnotism, he is considered a hack. more »

Home at the Bistro

by Bob Shar 05.10.2010

Sooner or later – one way or another – gravity is going to grab you, too. In this age of economic uncertainty, gravity is one thing you can count on. more »

Mesh and Lace

by Celia Lisset Alvarez 04.05.2010

I wonder how I’m supposed to tell Miriam I know quite well where she can find Tony, how we married after he got me pregnant on prom night, because condoms were a sin that didn’t even feel good. more »


by T.L. Crum 02.08.2010

She likes to name the leeches and recite eulogies before the nurses deposit them into a coffin of rubbing alcohol on their way toward the hazardous waste. more »


by Kate Russell 12.07.2009

A Maine Guide called tonight, asking about the lake house. He lives ten miles away, in a town even smaller than this one, and he likes his hunters to be close to him. The place he had been putting them up at didn’t have electricity or a water pump. The wives didn’t like the outhouse. more »

Algorithmic Behavior

by Sarah Scoles 11.09.2009

She had become quite skilled at replication, to the extent that she could no longer tell what she had lifted from other people and what was genuinely her own. more »

Loving Hirsute

by Robin Caine 09.08.2009

The name Hirsute had started as a joke. This was back when he used to sleep in her bed, before they split the apartment. This was before he lost his job, before he brought home cardboard boxes. more »

My Magpie Eyes, My Trampoline Heart

by Claire Mapletoft 08.03.2009

He looks as though he wants to tell of everything good that ever happened to him. The time when he was sixteen and kissed his best friend’s girlfriend behind the dumpsters outside the Shezan Tandoori. The way her tongue tasted of sea salt and lemon. more »

Gator Girl

by Amy Letter 03.01.2009

Mr. Hansom called the principal, who called a wildlife expert named Jim James. Jim James arrived dressed in camel-colored khaki, in a truck like a cartoon of an African safari. more »

Notes from a Man Trapped in a Giant Bottle

by Mark Brinker 12.01.2008

Hello. If you are reading this, please come help me. I am stuck inside of a giant bottle in the middle of a grassy field. more »

Honda Dream

by Kathy L. Nguyen 06.01.2008

Hoa jumps onto Phuong’s motorbike and grabs the back rail as they swerve into traffic. He pulls out an ad in the Saigon Times. more »

Crummy Piazza

by Joanna Ruocco 03.08.2008

We are too dark for this town. We come from far away. Humble glove makers from the rain-shadow side of the volcano. For twelve hundred years our family lived in the same small place. Rain, soot, rain. No sun for the glove makers. Lots of drinking and fascist songs. Crummy shops, crummy piazza. Too hot, too wet. Nice gloves, though. Very fine gloves, beautiful stitch-work. Then Nonno kills a big fascist in a fight. Nonno is a big fascist but this man is a bigger fascist and he sells Nonno a... more »

Venus Envy

by Amy Letter 12.01.2007

I remember the taste, like pennies in my mouth, and copper sunlight angling through my kitchen window. The job interview started my heart—the interview of my life, just a few hours away. And I had been foolish enough to fall asleep like this: slouched across the kitchen counter, perched on a stool, left arm palm-up across the cutting board, an empty bottle of red wine still rested against my nose. more »

Needle! Now! Broken!

by Brett Allen Smith 10.01.2007

Last September, Alex Rose woke up in his white hospital bed, exhausted from a dream involving Tibet, orca whales, and Owen Wilson, and discovered that his AIDS was gone. YOUR QUESTION: What is the significance of Alex Rose’s dream? MY RESPONSE: I… more »

The Piano

by Jen Michalski 08.13.2007

X bought the upright 1881 Steinway for two thousand dollars from a second-hand store a few blocks over from Washington University on her lunch break. She had intended to inspect a nineteenth-century English mahogany Chippendale ribbon-back settee she had seen in the storefront on her way to the parking garage—a perfect addition, she felt, to her front hallway. more »


by Laurah Norton Raines 06.07.2007

I ask her. I hold the phone beneath my chin. I am standing in my kitchen, looking down at the sink full of plates. Our house is a hundred years old and there is no dishwasher, except me. My husband heated up something tomato-y before he left for work, and it has crusted across my cooking pots in tough red scabs. I should be able to handle things like this. After all, I have bought an apron. I have a stack of resumés in the other room, waiting for envelopes. I wonder if I can list apron-wearing... more »