Issue 35, Final Fringe

Vintage Fringe

Vintage Fringe: When Stories Develop Lives of Their Own

by Carolyn Jones 02.04.2013

Journalist Carolyn Jones talks about what happened after she went public about her abortion in this Vintage piece, and talks to us on the blog about her current work reporting on reproductive rights in Texas. more »

Vintage: The Revolutionary's Wife

by Rosalie Morales Kearns 09.24.2012

One thing I should explain right away. I still refer to the Great Man as my husband, though he divorced me forty years ago. You probably didn’t know I existed, did you, till you started your research. I doubt anyone’s left alive who remembers me. Except him, of course. Coffee? No, stay here, I’ll bring it out. more »

Résumé Against Boredom

by Ian Singleton 08.20.2012

In this Vintage piece from Issue 22, Ian Singleton reminds us of the "ache of infernal labor" and the "dream of a bar with a highball and an ashtray." more »


by Celia Lisset Alvarez 07.02.2012

This week in Vintage Fringe: "Blackbirds," a longer poem from issue 21, January 2010. more »

How to Be a Good Chinese-Jewish Hapa

by Kim Liao 06.11.2012

Learn from your classmates about an emerging multiracial community group on campus. Endlessly dissect the word hapa; originally meaning “half” or “part” in Hawaiian, it now can also mean “mixed Asian” in California. more »

Fragments from a Nonexistent Yiddish Poet

by Jehanne Dubrow 03.26.2012

Jehanne Dubrow will change the way you think about ears, in this vintage set of poems from Issue 13. more »

The Oldest Guilt I Know

by Jon Chopan 02.27.2012

1. John Mully and I were sitting in the ER, Johnny holding my undershirt to his bleeding eye, me tapping my foot to the rhythm of the heart monitor attached to a bum lying in the hall. We were waiting for… more »

Vintage Fringe: Killing McGinty Safely

by William Donoghue 12.26.2011

William Donoghue goes inside the mind of a hardened pedophile in this vintage short story from Fringe's first year. more »

"You Are Here" and two more poems

by S. Asher Sund 08.01.2011

"But imagine what it must be like before it all begins ..."—from "Sometimes a Mountain," by S. Asher Sund. Read this and two more of his poems from issue 18. more »

Notes from a Man Trapped in a Giant Bottle

by Mark Brinker 04.10.2011

Mark Brinker strands his characters inside a bottle in this vintage fiction piece from issue 17. more »

Vintage Fringe: Some Kind of Nigger

by Matthew Haynes 01.31.2011

Matthew Haynes explores what it means to be between races in this vintage piece from the Ethnos issue. more »

The Damned Eleven

by Jim Meirose 11.29.2010

We're rolling the dice with Jim Meirose in this Vintage story from Issue 2. more »

Ou-Li-What? What American Writers Might Learn from the French

by Heather Falconer 10.25.2010

In this Vintage piece of criticism, (de)Classified editor Heather Falconer takes us inside the world of formalist experiments, the world of OuLiPo. more »

Tell Me If You're Lying

by Sarah Sweeney 08.02.2010

Sarah Sweeney learns about her father's alien abduction in this Vintage Fringe nonfiction piece from Issue 11, which also appeared in Dzanc Press' Best of the Web 2008 anthology. more »

Rumble Groan Dream

by Nicole Henares 06.01.2010

What's it like to work in a cannery? The Working Issue closes with this vintage short short from Issue 4. Remember: Six cans a minute, six cans a minute, or you are fired. Twenty-five cents an hour. more »

Three poems

by Arlene Ang 02.01.2010

This week, we've brought back Arlene Ang's three poems, "rest : stop," "through blinds," and "that time my upper lip swelled up" from Issue 6. more »

Shattered Beer Bottles

by Sonia Gutiérrez 12.28.2009

Celebrate the New Year with this kicky vintage (de)Classified piece incorporating Spanglish from Issue 2. more »

Six Poems

by Rachel Dacus 11.30.2009

"No Translation," "Poem to Save Your Life," "Poem to Write on Your Birthday," "Elegy for an Amputation," "At the Easel with Alzheimer's," and "For a Day of Silence." more »

Privatizing Libraries

by Greg Shupak 10.26.2009

In this piece from our third issue, Greg Shupak explains why public libraries are bad for the economy. more »


by Christina E. Dent 10.05.2009

In this piece from our very first issue, writer Tina Dent imagines extreme consequences of the fat tax -- a world where calories are currency, sugar is contraband, and the fat are sent to reeducation camps. more »