Issue 35, Final Fringe

Occupy Fringe: Occupy Roundup (Week of 1/23)

by David Duhr 02.01.2012

(Jeff Questad is taking a well-deserved week off, but he did send me the lion’s share of the following links. And never fear, Q-Heads–he’ll be back at the Occupy Roundup helm next week.)

OPD in actionSaturday in Oakland turned into a clusterfuck (although doesn’t it always?) as OPD arrested over 400 protestors–and, by accounts which are beginning to trickle in/out, members of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department proceeded to humiliate and possibly torture the detainees. Keep your eye on this one, folks.

And keep your other eye on Miami, where police have raided the #OM encampment. I don’t have anything to link to yet (as usual, a big Thank You to the mainstream media), but here’s a piece from the Miami Herald which details the situation just after sundown, the time at which the protestors were ordered to be gone.

Boy, for a movement that’s supposed to be on its last gasp …

I can in no way come up with anything new to say about last week’s release of Mitt Romney’s tax returns, but here’s a calculator to tell you how long it took Mitt to make what you made in all of 2010. FYI (TMI?), Mitt took in my entire 2010’s-worth of income in less than half a goddamn day.

Does that not piss you off enough? Okay. Then here’s a little tidbit the Texas Observer unearthed last week: in 1983, ol’ Mitt tied the family dog to the roof of the car on a road trip. I’d like us all to repeat that together, aloud: “In 1983, ol’ Mitt tied the family dog to the roof of the car on a road trip.” From the 2007 story in the Boston Globe: “Before beginning the drive, Mitt Romney put Seamus, the family’s hulking Irish setter, in a dog carrier and attached it to the station wagon’s roof rack.”

From the Atlantic: “The Weirdest Things Occupy Protestors Get Arrested For,” a list which includes lynching (for trying to prevent cops from arresting a musician), and Grand Theft … HAT!

The OWS Library, working in conjunction with Occupy Tucson, will collect and send “As many copies as [they] can find and buy” of the books banned during that oh-so-Arizonian dismantling of Tucson Unified’s Mexican-American Studies program.

In 2010, the U.S. ranked 20th-freest in the world in the annual Press Freedom Index. This year it has plummeted to 47th. Behind El Salvador. How does this relate to the Occupy movement? Come on.

Occupy D.C.’s response to the State of the Union closes with “We are the 99%. Our finances are weak, but our spirit is strong. We are the 99%. Our spring is coming.”

If you can manage to get past the ridonkulous title, you’ll enjoy this pictorial from the Christian Science Monitor: “Occupy Dog Street: pets in protest.” (Nota bene: None of these dogs are tied to the roof of a car.)

Lots of folks are looking ahead to the G-8 and NATO summits in Chicago in May. Occupy is planning a whole lotta somethin’, and Adbusters, the folks who got us all into this mess, are calling for 50,000 protestors to descend onto the city. (Kind of a modest request, it seems to me.) You think Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is looking ahead, too? Here are a bunch of new security/surveillance measures he just forced through city council: “The new rules [...] include an increased number of surveillance cameras across the city; the ability for Chicago’s police chief to deputize trained out-of-state law enforcement personnel; increases in parade permit fees and heavier fines for violating parade rules; keeping public parks closed longer than usual each day; the requirement that ‘large parades’ (almost every sizable street protest) take out $1 million liability insurance to get permits and for organizers to ‘agree to reimburse the city for any damage to the public way or to city property arising out of or caused by the parade.’”

Before we bid farewell for the week, here’s another edition of Your Occupation Calendar:

  • February 3rd – National day of action against the NDAA (Facebook)
  • April 7th – Chicago Spring (Facebook)
  • March 30th – National Occupation of Washington D.C. (Web Site)
  • May 1st – Occupy General Strike (Web site)
  • May 18th – G8 Summit in Chicago (Occupy Chicago)
  • Last week of August – Republican National Convention
  • September – Democratic National Convention

You might wanna start looking into flights now, folks. Because, damn.

David Duhr

David Duhr

Managing Editor

David Duhr moonlights as Fiction Editor at The Texas Observer, and is co-founder of WriteByNight. His writing has appeared in the Dallas Morning News, Publishing Perspectives, Gulf Coast, Iowa Review and others. After having lived in Milwaukee, Denver, D.C., Boston, and Florida, he has found a (maybe-) permanent home in Austin; where he’s trying to grow a beard, because that’s what Austin dudes do. David was the Fringe Fiction Editor for two years.

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