Issue 35, Final Fringe

Tracy Levesque Artist Statement

by Tracy Levesque 03.04.2013

Nicknamed “Van Gogh’s little sister” for her lineal expression, bold use of color and passion for painting nature, Fringe 34 artist  Tracy Levesque’s work is truly a celebration of existence.

A creator from an early age, Levesque started out as a realistic artist but quickly abandoned realism for a more expressionistic, symbolic style that spoke more to the psychological realities of human existence rather than the more conventional interpretations of them. Inspired by the brush stroke of Mother Nature she began interpreting her world through paint and transforming what she saw into her own version of reality. In love with line and color, Levesque’s paintings are vibrant and full of life – like looking through the eyes of a stained glass window into a world that looks right back at you.

Tracy Levesque

Tracy Levesque

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Tracy Levesque is a self-taught artist with a background in literature and theater arts. She began her career as a professional artist in 1999 and since then has shown her work in New York City and in varying venues across the United States. Her work can be found at art festivals, barbershops, bars, restaurants, open studios, art walks, galleries and over 200 private collections across the globe, and she currently has work on display at the Loading Dock Gallery and the Brush Gallery in Lowell, MA. You can find more of her work at

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