Issue 35, Final Fringe


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Tristan Abbott

Issue 5 Contact

Tristan Abbott is an MA candidate at the University of Northern Iowa, where he busies himself trying to trick people into thinking that nuclear scare films have something to do with Gravity’s Rainbow. Tristan’s fiction has previously appeared in Cesium and The Peacock’s Feet.  His novel, Suckworld, will soon be finished, and is looking for a publisher.

Scott Abels

Issue 22

Originally from Nebraska, Scott Abels currently lives and teaches on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.  His poems can be found online and in print (or are forthcoming) in Lungfull!, Action Yes, Shampoo, Sawbuck, No Tell Motel, Spooky Boyfriend, Word For/Word, Sixth Finch, Past Simple, and BlazeVOX.  He has a small blog at

Nalini Abhiraman

Issue 33

Nalini Abhiraman’s work appears in Gigantic Magazine and Anomalous Press, and is forthcoming in NOÖ Journal. She lives in New York.

Carmen Adamucci

Issue 27

Carmen Adamucci is an MFA candidate at Columbia University. He is also a fourth generation peach grower in southern New Jersey. This story is part of a collection. Visit his website here.

Sadaf Ahsan

Assistant Copyeditor

Sadaf Ahsan is a student at the University of Toronto where she is studying English and psychology. When she’s not writing, she spends her time listening to music, watching Johnny Depp movies and Russell Brand shows, and laughing with her friends.

Trent Aitken-Smith

Trent Aitken-Smith has been writing for as long as he can remember. Growing up in South Africa, he moved to the United Kingdom in his twenties. Trent now lives in the ancient and Roman city of York with his wife and four children. He is currently working on a novel, which as always is taking longer than planned to write, while doing freelance work and writing short stories when he has the time.


Steve Almond

Issue 24

Steve Almond’s latest book is Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life. He is the author of two story collections, the novel Which Brings Me To You: A Novel in Confessions (with Julianna Baggott), and the non-fiction books Candyfreak: A Journey Through the Chocolate Underbelly of America and (Not That You Asked). He writes regularly for several publications, including The Rumpus, and lives in Boston.

Celia Lisset Alvarez

Issue 21

Celia Lisset Alvarez is a Cuban-American writer and educator from Miami, Florida. She has two collections of poetry, Shapeshifting (Spire Press, 2006) and The Stones (Finishing Line Press, 2006). Her poems, stories, and essays have been published in numerous journals and anthologies, most recently Grist and the Southern Humanities Review. She teaches writing at St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens.

Jessica Alverson

Issue x

Jessica Alverson is a nice Midwestern girl now living in the Boston area. She writes poetry/short fiction and has been a member of the Boylston Street Evening Writers (BSEW), a local writing group, for the past three years. In her spare time, she enjoys a clever pun/corny joke, reading, baking, and playing board games.

Holly Anderson

Issue 13

Holly Anderson’s work is anthologized in Unbearables (Autonomedia,1995), and Up Is Up, But So Is Down: New York’s Downtown Literary Scene,1974-1992 (NYU Press, 2006). Her books include Lily Lou (Purgatory Pie Press, 1986), and Sheherezade (Pyramid Atlantic, 1988) with Janet Zweig. She has written lyrics for Mission of Burma, Consonant, Rhys Chatham and Lisa B. Burns.

Rick Andrews

Issue 18

Rick Andrews is currently a student at Washington University in St. Louis, though not for much longer. He is originally from Boston, a town he now misses for the first time. When he’s not writing, he enjoys running around, thinking about the brain (and the things it does), and making things up in front of other people. His work has appeared, suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere—he’s as mystified about it as you are.

Arlene Ang

Issue 6 Website
Arlene Ang is the author of The Desecration of Doves (2005), Secret Love Poems (Rubicon Press, 2007), and a collaborative book with Valerie Fox, Bundles of Letters Including A, V and Epsilon (Texture Press, 2008). Her third full-length collection, Seeing Birds in Church Is a Kind of Adieu, is forthcoming from Cinnamon Press in March 2010. She lives in Spinea, Italy where she serves as staff editor for The Pedestal Magazine and Press 1. More of her work may be viewed at

Adele Annesi


Adele is an award-winning writer and editor whose work appears in newspapers, magazines and literary journals, including 34th Parallel, The Fairfield Review, Hotmetalpress, Marco Polo Quarterly, Miranda Literary Magazine, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Southern Literary Review and Tertulia. She has contributed to The Circle and the Italian-American literary journal Pyramid, and her short fiction appeared in a Fairfield University anthology and in Press Pause Moments: Essays About Life Transitions by Women Writers. She won Poetic Voices of America’s editor’s choice award, and teaches writing and editing workshops. She is currently working on a novel and a series of short stories based on Italy. Visit her editing blog for writers, Word for Words, and at Adele M. Annesi.

Website Contact

Stephan Anstey

Issue 19 Website

Stephan Anstey is the founder of Shakespeare’s Monkeys and Shakespeare’s Monkey Revue, both venues primarily for poetry and poets. As an artist, he is focused on spiritual exploration and the celebration of the individual in mankind’s endless war against an increasingly invasive society. Anstey’s art is primarily a combination of poetry and digital collage, some of which will be on display at the Arts League of Lowell Gallery in October. He lives an idyllic life in the historic mill city of Lowell, Massachusetts with his beautiful and beloved bride Ellen and their talented and wonderful children, Emily and Cameron.

Rosanna Armendáriz

Issue 14

Rosanna Armendáriz grew up in Brooklyn, New York and later moved to the US/Mexico border region where she attended the University of Texas at El Paso and earned a BA in sociology and an MFA in creative writing. She also attended the Callaloo Creative Writing Workshops at Texas A&M University, and her short stories have appeared in Callaloo, Bryant Literary Review, and Moon Journal. She has poems in Poetic Voices without Borders (Gival Press 2005), Illya’s Honey, Thorny Locust, and BorderSenses. Most recently, one of her short fiction pieces has been selected to be included in the next GirlChild Press anthology Just Like a Girl: A Manifesta! scheduled for publication in August 2008.

Fatimah Asghar

Issue 31 Website

Fatimah Asghar is a poet, performer, photographer, writer and thinker who is almost always in-between two places. Currently, her heart is in Cambridge with her sisters while her body is in Sarajevo, where she is on a Fulbright grant, writing, researching, exploring and constantly tripping over herself. In her time spent not being the clumsiest person in the world, Fatimah enjoys using different artistic mediums to play with traditional storytelling. Her literary work hovers between prose and poetry, examining fact through a lyrical lens, and uses the page as a stage and the body as a page. Her work can be found at .

Martin Askem

Issue 22 Website

Martin Askem is a London-born artist whose path as an artist has been shaped by a difficult childhood. As an early school-leaver he developed his career in retail until he decided to return to his childhood ambition, art. Primarily self-taught, he developed his techniques and monitored his successes and failures on Myspace under the watchful gaze of 6,000 community members, which has now grown to over 15,000. Martin has developed his own style, which he has entitled ‘Kushki’. This is his own representation of the human condition. This project is a culmination of life experiences and a reflection of society at large.

Dr. N.S.R. Ayengar

Issue 15

Dr. N.S.R. Ayengar works as a professor in the department of English at Berhampur University, Berhampur, Orissa, India. He has been teaching English Literature for the last thirty-seven years and has published several books on English Literature and more than twenty research papers and popular articles. Ayengar has also translated Gitagovindam, a Sanskrit classic into English with a long critical introduction. Additionally, as a visiting professor Ayengar has lectured in the Department of Oriental Studies, University of Rome, Italy.