Issue 35, Final Fringe

Jackson Bliss

Jackson Bliss calls Chicago and SoCal home, though he’s spent a great deal of time traveling through Europe and Africa, hitting the globaldancefloor, so to speak. The recipient of the Sparks Prize in Fiction and La Vie de Bohème Award in Literary Excellence from the Universityof Notre Dame where he also received his MFA, Jackson is currently writing a novella about windows (no, seriously), and his first novel BLANK, is under consideration at Simon & Schuster and Grand Central publishing. His work has been published or is forthcoming in: Stand, 3amMagazine, Right Hand Pointing, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, The Bend, Ink Collective, Writer Advice, Cadence, SoMa Literary Review, BlazeVox,Denver Syntax, DJ Booth, The Voice, Writers Post Journal, Pology and Word Riot.

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