Issue 35, Final Fringe

Issue 13: December '07

Five Battery Spot, Mihaly Flandorffer Peniche Five Battery Spot


Outsiders Within: Resolving Working-Class Experience within the Privileged Classroom

by Jaffney Roode 12.08.2007

The English classroom is a space where students from across the social spectrum are socialized and cultivated to become practitioners of Standard Written English (SWE), but how can the language of the working class be reconciled with the language of... more »


Some Kind of Nigger

by Matthew Haynes 12.08.2007

Chuck and I were standing in the hot lunch line holding our blue trays. We were tired of waiting. He pushed at the tray's edges and spun it like a basketball on his pointer finger. I held mine steady. I would like to say that it was because I was... more »

Short Short

Change Gonna Come

by Jackson Bliss 12.07.2007

If you wanna see how ugly rich people really be, then go ahead, baby. If you wanna deal with drug-addicted movie stars and suits, divas and teenagers tryin' to front some Gatsby shit, then go ahead, baby. I ain't gonna stop you, but they is, and... more »


Venus Envy

by Amy Letter 12.01.2007

I remember the taste, like pennies in my mouth, and copper sunlight angling through my kitchen window. The job interview started my heart—the interview of my life, just a few hours away. And I had been foolish enough to fall asleep like this:... more »


Fragments from a Nonexistent Yiddish Poet

by Jehanne Dubrow 12.01.2007

Ida Lewin (1906–1938) AlwaysWinter, Poland 20. I’ve heard that Polish wives cook beets into a broth that bleeds, as though from hemorrhage. They fill white bowls with dumplings... more »


The Secret Language of Flowers

by Holly Anderson, Sev Coursen 12.01.2007

View Holly Anderson and Sev Corsen's "The Secret Language of Flowers," an animated artwork created in Flash. more »

Featured Artwork

5 Pieces

by Mihály Flandorffer Peniche 12.07.2007