Issue 35, Final Fringe

Issue 17: December '08

Bassila, Jean-Michel Buche Bassila



by Cati Porter 12.01.2008

A truly Fringey creation -- poetry meets visuals through the use of Flash. more »


The World Comes Together: Dual Identity in the Poetry of Sam Hamod

by Anna L. Cates 12.01.2008

Sam Hamod is among the few contemporary poets of Arab American descent. more »


Notes from a Man Trapped in a Giant Bottle

by Mark Brinker 12.01.2008

Hello. If you are reading this, please come help me. I am stuck inside of a giant bottle in the middle of a grassy field. more »

Short Short

Flash Flood

by Megann Sept 12.01.2008

That night around the fire, after she’d coughed up more water than he thought could fit in a person’s lungs, Manuelo sat and listened to her talk about a white tunnel of light and her life flashing before her eyes—clichés, yes, she said, but... more »


3 Poems

by Geoffrey Detrani 12.01.2008

Electra (I) Electra’s coupling was an Accumulated surplus. A swagger for Champions gathered with Proxy camaraderie. So, as her retinue swooned Tanker cars derailed In a humid... more »


3 Poems

by Tisha Nemeth-Loomis 12.01.2008

As if constriction was our first allegiance The ponytail lets the neck breathe chromatic elastics also double as bracelets wrist stricture hand’s stringed vessels rising little hills such squeezing ... more »


Somewhere Between Everywhere and Nowhere

by Kelley Calvert 12.01.2008

Depending on how you look at it, I was born in the middle of nowhere—or the center of everywhere. more »


Some Things I Just Can't Talk About

by Casey Wiley 12.01.2008

Tim, as he says to call him, yells “SHUT UP, YOU!” at the homeless man who is walking with the shopping cart that overflows with rotting food, stuffed cloth bags and cardboard signs. more »

Featured Artwork

7 Pieces

by Jean-Michel Buche 12.01.2008