Issue 35, Final Fringe

Issue 24: Fall '10

Song of the Firefly 2, Blacklight Kabuki Song of the Firefly 2

Vintage Fringe

The Damned Eleven

by Jim Meirose 11.29.2010

We're rolling the dice with Jim Meirose in this Vintage story from Issue 2. more »


Four poems

by Lesley Wheeler 11.22.2010

“The Book of Neurotransmitters,” “Woman Using the Men’s Room,” “Rumpelstiltsken,” and “Bicameral Woman” more »


I Will Miss You When You Are Gone

by Jacob Driscoll 11.15.2010

My friend was swallowed up by the Atlantic on the day I was to be married. She disappeared beneath the brown-blue waters, and I watched the stormy surface for her to head to come up. It never did. more »


Zuhitsu: A London Cypriot Perspective

by Sefik Huseyin 11.08.2010

Went into the office today hoping that I would receive some news about my salary — hoping that it would have been banked by now. I hear a fellow peer decided to commit suicide on a Sunday. I instantly forget about the salary. Awkward how death... more »


Secrets and Lies

by Kelly Sundberg 11.01.2010

Lying is a weird talent in itself. The bigger the lie, the more likely it is to be believed. I once told my college roommate Cassie that my grandmother yodeled for the Queen of Sweden. At the time, my grandmother, although having Swedish heritage... more »

Vintage Fringe

Ou-Li-What? What American Writers Might Learn from the French

by Heather Falconer 10.25.2010

In this Vintage piece of criticism, (de)Classified editor Heather Falconer takes us inside the world of formalist experiments, the world of OuLiPo. more »

Short Short

Illustrated Girl

by Ethel Rohan 10.18.2010

I stretched out on the carpeted floor and allowed my co-workers to move around me, stroke me, to flip me over, and over again. more »


Susan Rich: Traveling Through Space and Time

by Susan Rich, Rachel Dacus 10.11.2010

The award-winning poet talks about what she got out of her Peace Corps years, and poetry’s power to rescue a person from an “emotional tsunami.” more »


Self-Portrait in Apologies

by Sarah Einstein 10.04.2010

Apology to a Man I No Longer Love I’m sorry for hiding your favorite Leonard Cohen CD in the bottom of a box of tampons when we were dividing up our stuff after the break-up. I still have it, all these years later, and sometimes forget it... more »


Winking and Righteous: Steve Almond Will Save Your Life

by Steve Almond, David Duhr 09.27.2010

The Chairman of the “humor-writers’ ghetto” riffs on self-serious critics, idol worship, and what it means to be a Drooling Fanatic. more »


The Manifold Dimensions of z (or Methuselah’s Voice-Over)

by Neil de la Flor 09.20.2010

ACT I [The voices contained herein are self-contained and non-differentiated but are unique like crystals or fractals, which are neither unique nor practical. As you will find out, or have already discovered, Meta and I were in love and somewhat... more »


The Face Phantom

by K. R. Sands 09.13.2010

My ardent fingers penetrate her vacant eye orbits, then withdraw. Penetrate, withdraw. Penetrate, withdraw. The sight that feels, the touch that sees. more »

Longer Poetry

How We Reached Metéora

by Kathleen M. Heideman 09.06.2010

. . . sometimes, searching for the imaginary can accidentally lead one to find a bit of useful reality. Those searching for the Northwest Passage, for example, mapped an awful lot of terrain. —Thomas Wiloch on the work of Evan S. Connell more »

Featured Artwork

Song of the Firefly

by Blacklight Kabuki 09.06.2010