Issue 35, Final Fringe

Issue 25: Winter '11

Punishment, Nathalie Daoust Punishment


Austin Kleon: Playtime on Canvas

by Austin Kleon, David Duhr 02.28.2011

The self-proclaimed Ramones of poetry tells Fringe how any idiot can do what he does, and why more adults deserve playtime. more »

Short Short

The Loneliness Diet

by Paul Griner 02.21.2011

At night he would lie with his head in her lap, tonguing the newly formed skin, learning its salty smoothness. He liked that these new, shiny patches had yet to suffer the abuse of daily living. more »

Longer Poetry

Notes toward a Surrealist Valentine

by Michael Leong 02.14.2011

your nose like an ancient pyramid . . . . more »


In Oquossoc

by Jessica Hendry Nelson 02.07.2011

We sing as we drive - a song we make up about moose. Going on a moose hunt… That's all we have, so we sing this chorus over and over and dance wildly in our seats, beating time on the dashboard. We lost radio reception a while back, soon after... more »

Vintage Fringe

Vintage Fringe: Some Kind of Nigger

by Matthew Haynes 01.31.2011

Matthew Haynes explores what it means to be between races in this vintage piece from the Ethnos issue. more »


Under Joe's Volcano

by Jonathan Callahan 01.24.2011

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was the light that would shine in the darkness, even to the ends of the Restaurant, but the darkness did not comprehend the light, nor the Restaurant the Word nor I the... more »


Modern Powers

by Ethan Chatagnier 01.17.2011

He wishes, as bad as he’d wished earlier to be in that room with the dancing girl, that he could join them. But he’s looked through the wall already. Now, he knows, he can never use the door. more »


All But Content

by Bridget Pelkie 01.10.2011

Along with the more famous PBS television programs of the late 80s, Reading Rainbow and Sesame Street, I watched a show called The Letter People. Brightly colored characters shaped like letters of the alphabet frolicked and sang together, all in... more »


Five poems

by Kevin McLellan 01.03.2011

"'A warm autumn breeze. Purification, the act of—'" and four more poems more »


Heidi Durrow: The Girl Who Did Not Fall From the Sky

by Heidi Durrow, David Duhr 12.27.2010

Heidi Durrow tells us about her debut novel, and why we shouldn't worry about her emotional well-being. Really. more »


Little Bombs of Heaven: Aphorisms

by Rose Mary Pillowwater 12.20.2010

I don’t hate you, but if you were me, you would hate you. more »


J's AK

by Harmony Button 12.13.2010

Scene: in the backseat of a Jeep, the view cropped ragged by a gray wool blanket wrapped around the camera. Our view, shrunken into tunnel vision, moves in steps and lurches: we see the empty bucket of the driver’s seat, see the front dash and... more »


The Cherry Tree

by Nicolas Hoover 12.06.2010

Everyone knows the story, but no one knows how it actually happened. The story is that George chopped down the cherry tree, and said, “Father, I cannot tell a lie, it was I who chopped down the cherry tree.” Here is how it actually happened. more »

Featured Artwork

Frozen in Time

by Nathalie Daoust 12.06.2010