Issue 35, Final Fringe

Maps: Spring '11

Existing Independently, R. Justin Stewart Existing Independently


humboldt waterfronts

by d. 05.30.2011

i ask my mother how you accumulate losses with aging and don't fail of heart. how do you just keep losing life and yet remain engaged with living? she says the problem is with america. more »


"Landscape Architecture" and two more poems

by Moriah L. Purdy 05.23.2011

Three poems with roots in the writings of Frederick Law Olmsted more »


World of the Map

by Llalan Fowler 05.16.2011

I learned the shape of our world from a map pulled down out of its cocoon above the chalkboard. It was a rainbow burst of color, each country with its own. This map also outlined each US state. As a six year old, this did not strike me as... more »


My Expanding Map

by Jayme Russell 05.09.2011

I had just turned ten. The first day back from our summer break, our PE teacher asked us where we had vacationed. While waiting to be called on, I was holding the name Wayne National Forest in my mind and getting nervous about telling the class we... more »


Denis Wood: The Power of Maps

by Tim Stallmann 05.02.2011

Cartographer Denis Wood talks with Tim Stallmann about making maps and about his new book, Everything Sings more »


Places That Verb Your World

by Fringe Magazine 04.25.2011

We asked the Fringe armada about meaningful places, and mapped their responses -- from Batman's real-life dwelling to the hills of the Ozarks. more »


Body/Paragraph [NSFW: graphic images]

by Franny Choi 04.18.2011

They sat, waiting, wondering what Julie looked like and what they were doing sitting in a car in cheap disguises, waiting to steal a little girl they’d never seen and sell her back to her parents, most likely for much more than she was worth. more »

Vintage Fringe

Notes from a Man Trapped in a Giant Bottle

by Mark Brinker 04.10.2011

Mark Brinker strands his characters inside a bottle in this vintage fiction piece from issue 17. more »


Peter Mountford: A Young Man's Guide To Greed and Good Intentions

by Reese Okyong Kwon, Peter Mountford 04.04.2011

A think-tank fellow turned novelist makes economics exciting in his first novel, and talks moral maps, overseas love, and literary heroes with Fringe. more »


The Tamiami Trail (Mix): U.S. Route 41, Miami to Michigan

by Neil de la Flor, Maureen Seaton 03.28.2011

I. Two alligators pass each other and flash a secret greeting, like bikers. They stop for gas in Big Cypress Swamp. The woman who owns the station dishes about the best location to spot a... more »


"We're always in a room." and two more poems

by Sarah Sarai 03.21.2011

"A Bullish Run into Chambers", "A Territory of the Miracle," and "We're always in a room." more »


Saskia Jordá: Cartographer of Memory

by Saskia Jordá, Heather MacNeill Falconer 03.14.2011

Venezuelan installation artist Sakia Jordá talks about the connection between place and space, how writer Italo Calvino inspired her, and why indifference is the worst response to her work. more »


The Wind

by Gary Presley 03.07.2011

The wind in this place is still new to me, even after a year, a thing both understood and surprising. I first began to notice it because the room in which I write looks to the east, and there is a point in that direction where the land slopes... more »

Featured Artwork

5 Pieces by R. Justin Stewart

by R. Justin Stewart 03.07.2011