Issue 35, Final Fringe

Issue 28: Fall '11

Butterfly Series # 1, Victoria Horkan Butterfly Series # 1


"A Prayer Toward Sleep" and two more poems

by Aneesa Davenport 11.21.2011

Read "A Prayer Toward Sleep," "Application for Remembrance," and "Lover's Complaint" more »

Short Short


by Emily Sandberg 11.14.2011

Tim and I were in bed together when he saw the spoon. I’d accidentally left the closet open, I noticed, at the same moment he said, “What’s that?” and I knew exactly what he was referring to more »


Excerpts from "Shell-Shaped Pieces of Bone"

by Traci O Connor 11.07.2011

She says, “Don’t touch that bird or else the mother will never come back,” but I am already holding the baby bird cupped in my hands like my own beating heart. The tiny feet scritching my palms. I carry it home as carefully as a bomb and then... more »


On Poetic Objects and Poetic Economies

by Anna Lena Phillips 10.31.2011

A call for radical formatting: Put a well-loved poem on some nice cardstock and give it—or trade it, or sell it—to a friend. Fringe Editor Anna Lena Phillips, on why we need broadsides and other visual embodiments for poetry now more than ever. more »



by Russell Hehn 10.24.2011

There wasn’t much in the hut besides themselves and Amelia Earhart, and they couldn’t bear to look at one another in the eye. more »


I've Decided to See the Physician and Other Poems

by Nicelle Davis, Cheryl Gross 10.16.2011

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Begin Chest Compressions

by Roxane Gay 10.10.2011

She said, “A tall skinny man drove a knife into his body more than once.” She looked up at bright lights. They were not stars. They were not watching over. more »


Lone Star Love

by Andy Ross 10.03.2011

Late one Saturday afternoon last October, I found myself standing in a Gonzales, Texas, rodeo arena talking politics with a man named Cary, the membership director of a group called the Texas Nationalist Movement. Cary’s focus was on secession –... more »


Adam Deutsch: Publishing poetry, one collaboration at a time

by Rachel Dacus, Adam Deutsch 09.26.2011

The Publisher/Editor of Cooper Dillon Books talks about poetical collaborations, the underrated virtue of humility, and the need for community. more »


More Adventure Comics

by Aaron Block 09.19.2011

Panel 1: Captain Lightning holds Professor Spiralmind by the front of his lab coat, dangling the villain’s body over the ledge of his observatory hideout, as lightning flashes in the background. Rain has matted Captain Lightning’s black hair... more »


Three poems from “An Invitation to Rache”

by Nathaniel Perry 09.12.2011

Read "In the Daylight of a Second Day," "In That Room Alone Where I Have Been Alone," and "At the Corner of the Hogwire Fence" more »

Short Short

A Random Cliché Overheard in the Buckhead Kroger That Was Subsequently Briefly Meditated Upon by the Unknown Writer Who Heard It

by Walt Foreman 09.05.2011

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Featured Artwork

7 Pieces by Victoria Horkan

by Victoria Horkan 09.05.2011