Issue 35, Final Fringe

Issue 29: Winter '12

Silhouette in Waves, Mandavi, Sean Lotman Silhouette in Waves, Mandavi

Vintage Fringe

The Oldest Guilt I Know

by Jon Chopan 02.27.2012

1. John Mully and I were sitting in the ER, Johnny holding my undershirt to his bleeding eye, me tapping my foot to the rhythm of the heart monitor attached to a bum lying in the hall. We were waiting for… more »

Longer Poetry

Zombie Thanksgiving

by Lesley Wheeler 02.20.2012

"Cult fan or critic, / O you who scramble into the beating copter, / consider Hot Pants Zombie, who once was tender-hearted too" more »


Now Pronounce You

by Sutherland Douglass, Brooke Nelson 02.13.2012

He starts carefully lighting matches while Zoe sleeps, one by one, cautiously fingering the burnt orange of the wick, absorbing sulfuric bliss, blistering his fingers’ tips. Every match is to him ever more erotic. Every additional flame snuffing... more »


Deema Shehabi: Poet in Exile

by Rachel Dacus, Deema Shehabi 02.06.2012

Poet Deema Shehabi talks about writing as a Palestinian exile, and about inspiration as a muse that can be slain, the many moons in her writing, and blending strangeness with familiarity. more »


My Life Minus You

by Brooke Anne Olive 01.30.2012

I have become a turned chair, a chair that sits pretty in the corner, a piece of furniture, ignored. I am somebody’s ghost, haunting preferred to a holding, I am no longer tactile, invisible. I am a headless flower, dried out in a scum filled... more »



by Matthew Vollmer 01.23.2012

here lies a man who every time he took a walk after dark in his neighborhood always and without fail asked himself why don’t you go for a walk every single night of your life and what’s keeping you from doing this one simple lovely thing more »


“Mean” and two more poems

by Maryann Corbett 01.16.2012

":it means the muck-filled ditch / you’re stuck in (as in nasty, brutish). . . ." more »


Fresh Bread

by Tom Bonfiglio 01.09.2012

“I love you, Frankie,” Jade says. I tell her I love her back. Neither of us believes it but it sure feels good to pretend we do. more »


Two Monologues of Mrs. O'Reilly

by Kate Falvey 01.02.2012

Do you know what it is to “flee”? Perhaps not, since all of your ilk are transfixed by screens and it’s doubtless difficult to animate a first-class flee, though I suppose some brainy little git is even now adjusting his quadrants and trying.... more »

Vintage Fringe

Vintage Fringe: Killing McGinty Safely

by William Donoghue 12.26.2011

William Donoghue goes inside the mind of a hardened pedophile in this vintage short story from Fringe's first year. more »


Review: The Unsung Masters Series, Pleiades Press

by Brian Nicolet 12.19.2011

Brian Nicolet looks at Dunstan Thompson and Tamura Ryuichi, two masters left to collect dust in the basement of the 20th century until The Unsung Masters Series came along. more »


Dick Move

by Sarah Einstein 12.12.2011

I dreamt that it was morning and you said, as if it was no big thing, “Hey, kid, why don’t you take the penis today? I’ve got a lot to do, so I won’t even really notice it’s gone, and it might be fun for you.” “This is what I love... more »


Variation on a Legend

by Jaydn DeWald 12.05.2011

“'Our most illustrious gardens, cathedrals, waterfalls, stone angels and so forth,' said the cabbie, leading us through the dark streets of the Tenderloin. . . ." more »

Featured Artwork

The Soft Hurrah

by Sean Lotman 12.05.2011