Issue 35, Final Fringe

Issue 31: Summer '12

Flapper II, Travis Campion Flapper II


The Great Absence: Looking at the Projects, Afterward

by Christopher Weber 08.27.2012

What better way to fill in the lifeless holes in a city than with the slow, organic creeping of squash vines? What better memorial to a failed housing project than lilacs and purple coneflowers? more »

Vintage Fringe

Résumé Against Boredom

by Ian Singleton 08.20.2012

In this Vintage piece from Issue 22, Ian Singleton reminds us of the "ache of infernal labor" and the "dream of a bar with a highball and an ashtray." more »


The Ghoul That Ate Smiley’s Summer

by Tagreid Abu Hassabo 08.13.2012

Consider this. It is the hottest time of day when the sun lights the entire sky so bright that one cannot be certain of its bearings. The girl lies on a rattan chaise lounge in the garden veranda listening... more »


Two poems from a sonnet sequence on Hitchcock films

by Peter Swanson 08.06.2012

"The Farmer's Wife" and "The Manxman" more »


Amelia Gray & THREATS: Framed and Finished

by Maddie Crum 07.30.2012

"I find it easier to write about things when I'm not deeply familiar with them," Gray says. "I leave out a lot more if it's something that's in my daily experience." more »


Taking Roots

by Fatimah Asghar 07.23.2012

“From the desert, the dawn of a new age shines upon humanity, the age of the masses.” - Colonel Muammar Qaddafi 1. Depending on where you are in the world the name will begin... more »


Growing Roots: Fragments of a Dislocated Schoolgirl

by Jean Hopkins 07.16.2012

My husband assured me that the small trees would be fine, that their roots would adjust. We just needed to be quick about it, and give them a good drink once they were in their new spot. I plunged the spade into the dirt and stood on its edge,... more »

FictionShort Short

Apology for Brother

by Jaclyn Watterson 07.09.2012

By the time I touched it, I knew it was a penis and not a cashew. more »

Vintage Fringe


by Celia Lisset Alvarez 07.02.2012

This week in Vintage Fringe: "Blackbirds," a longer poem from issue 21, January 2010. more »


When Stories Develop Lives of Their Own

by Carolyn Jones 06.25.2012

Now, months later, I wake up in a cold sweat, shocked at what I’ve done. Not at having the abortion — I’m at peace with the choice we made — but at having written about the most private and painful of traumas. more »


A.W.: A Story Backwards

by Marni Berger 06.18.2012

A sphere of hope, like A.W.’s pain, unraveled down the back of her throat. “Please don’t kill me,” she said. more »

Vintage Fringe

How to Be a Good Chinese-Jewish Hapa

by Kim Liao 06.11.2012

Learn from your classmates about an emerging multiracial community group on campus. Endlessly dissect the word hapa; originally meaning “half” or “part” in Hawaiian, it now can also mean “mixed Asian” in California. more »



by Jennifer K. Dick 06.04.2012

The girl who is reading outside the window on the small terraced balcony in the hour or so after sunrise, wind a kind of fist pressed or pressing against her chest, turns a page. Fingers slip between the seams of the book, lift as if to examine a... more »

Featured Artwork

7 Pieces from the Spontaneous Generation of Exotic Particles Series

by Travis Campion 06.04.2012