Issue 35, Final Fringe

Issue 34: Spring '13

Monster Tree, Tracy Levesque Monster Tree


The Blinding in Horticulture, Texas

by Joel Hans 05.27.2013

This place is a black hole, if nothing else. No light, no sound. All he knows is that once a life has entered into its sphere, it cannot escape. more »

Longer Poetry

No End to the Horror

by Metta Sáma 05.13.2013

You’ve been told le animal is a great huntress—her favorite is the insect they call palmetto bug Your love for le animal begins like this: you have a great repulsion for the insect she has a great love for seeing the insect die . . . more »

Short Short

The Self-Help Writer

by Caren Beilin 05.06.2013

There are too many women on this syllabus. Don’t review us. There is too much inside of us. more »


We'll Miss You

by Fringe Magazine 04.30.2013

We started Fringe at Jacob Wirth’s, a pub just a stone’s throw away from Emerson College in Boston, where we gathered to study. The year was 2005. We were young, ambitious, and tipsy with self confidence as well as strong… more »


Apocalypse, Now Affordable

by Craig Fishbane 04.08.2013

Are you tired of the same mundane tours that promise to show you the real Vietnam? For a remarkably affordable price (airfare not included), Apocalypse Tours offers you an opportunity to encounter a nation being torn apart by the most photogenic... more »



by Rebekah Mathews 03.25.2013

You stare at me for way too long, like I've either disgusted you or like you want to tell me something else about yourself that for some reason you still cannot. more »

Featured Artwork

6 Pieces by Tracy Levesque

by Tracy Levesque 03.25.2013