Issue 35, Final Fringe

Issue 4: July '06

The Noun That Verbs Your World

Rachel with Coffee, Erin McElroy Rachel with Coffee


6 Poems

by Rachel Dacus 07.08.2006

No Translation. Our neighborhood flock of geese creaks  home to their  pond at dawn.  Their Tibetan clamor  leaves  me  iceberg  still,  a  poem  catching... more »


An Interview with Stacey Richter

by Lizzie Stark 07.08.2006

The other day, I was walking by the university and I saw two beautiful 20 year old girls crossing the street and felt envious for a moment. Then I thought: Oh wait, they think they’re fat. They’re walking around thinking about what’s wrong... more »


All Speaking Was Like Singing: a literacy autobiography

by Leigh Phillips 07.08.2006

I don’t remember when I started to read. I don’t remember much at all, really. The story goes, I’m told, like this: my thirty-year-old mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and two weeks later was in a wheelchair. A couple of months... more »

Short Short

Rumble Groan Dream

by Nicole Henares 07.08.2006

This is the smell of prosperity and doom where fat wooden canneries perch on rocks hungry in fog and cold and damp and metal. And when the boats chug in, thudding heavy from squirming weight, the rust pipe organs shriek trills of C sharp, and the... more »

Longer Poetry

Nine Days in April

by Barbara Crooker 07.08.2006

  more »


Songs Like Madness

by Maura Conley 07.08.2006

In these days of singing, Mother glided across the hardwood floors of the house. A hum was on her lips. It seemed that Mother, and her song, was just out of reach of the children. She’d sneak around the dusty corners of the house avoiding the... more »

Featured Artwork

5 Pieces

by Erin McElroy 07.08.2006