Issue 35, Final Fringe

5 Pieces

by Mihály Flandorffer Peniche Issue 13 12.07.2007
Mihály Flandorffer Peniche

Mihály Flandorffer Peniche

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Mihaly Flandorffer Peniche currently resides in Madrid, Spain. His work has been featured at FAIM 07, La Castellana, Instituto Rural de Arte, and Galer�a San Vicente,among others. His art is based on the idea that the artist can implement the idea of “Modern Minimalism” by creating the greatest number of possible parallel realities of a same event or object, and arises from the need a man has to create new things. Every day, it is more difficult to compete against technology (for example the animations by computer, the definition of a digital camera, or the quality of impression), therefore the competition requires new tools to maximize human potential. You can read more of his manifesto at