Issue 35, Final Fringe

Zuhitsu: A London Cypriot Perspective

by Sefik Huseyin Issue 24 11.08.2010

March 22 – 28

March 22: Went into the office today hoping that I would receive some news about my salary — hoping that it would have been banked by now. I hear a fellow peer decided to commit suicide on a Sunday. I instantly forget about the salary. Awkward how death makes one forget. I can’t seem to get the tragedy out of my head. Nonetheless, I don’t want to intellectualize the situation.

Should we all be nihilists/Nietzscheans? To decide that morals have no value; wouldn’t that make me an animal?

The birds, picking twigs and leaves to build a nest for their newborn. They find Snickers wrappers and chip packets (Lays, in particular) to make the nest sturdy.

Nietzsche says: “as soon as you feel yourself against me you have ceased to understand my position and consequently any arguments! You have to be the victim of the same passion [1]

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Sefik Huseyin

Sefik Huseyin

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Sefik Huseyin (1987- ) was born and raised in London, England, and later moved to his parents’ home country of Northern Cyprus where he received his BA in English Language and Literature from Eastern Mediterranean University. He has presented a paper on the myth of Ottoman women in Istanbul, at the “2nd International Conference of Mediterranean Worlds: The Mediterranean of the Myths, The Myths of the Mediterranean.” He has worked with poet Ravi Shankar who encouraged him to pursue his writing. This is his first poetry publication. Sefik is currently earning his MA in English from the same institution and hopes to go on to achieve his PhD in English.