Issue 35, Final Fringe

I Will Miss You When You Are Gone

by Jacob Driscoll Issue 24 11.15.2010


By way of explanation, my friend the suicide bomber told me this:  “Death is a conversation.”  It was the day I was to be married, and he was adjusting his belt of explosives.

“How so?”

“Everybody is always talking and shouting and trying to be heard. Death creates silence. It makes peace.”

“Murder isn’t very diplomatic, though. Maybe you could talk to them in some other way?”

“Like how?”

I shrug. “I hear sex sells.”

“Sex, yes,” He is dismissive. “Violence, too.”

“I guess they’re basically the same thing.”

“I want to burn down strip clubs.”

“Why stop there? Strip clubs. Gyms. Magazines with pretty girls on the cover. Burn them all.” I laugh a little, taking a sip of apple-cranberry juice.

“I would, but I am only one man. I can’t burn them all. I will burn myself, I will kill others, and through that silence, I will save the world. Then they will remember me. Death will make me a hero, a martyr, a role model. The news can’t help but tell the world about so much death. People will ask why, why, why, and they will hear that it is because of love. Then they will burn themselves too, and soon the world will be on fire. The End grows near, my friend. I will start a revolution.”

“Revolution isn’t a conversation. You can scream and scream, but no one is listening. No one cares about revolution anymore. It’s bad for business.”

“I will make them care again. I must lead by example and show them how much I care. I must do all that I can. It may be the only way to save the world.”

The news that night showed my friend’s death. I had given him bad wires, so he didn’t explode. He caught on fire instead, and stumbled through traffic dripping flame and erupting smoke. The news cameras showed him moments before he died, walking toward the police, his arms spread wide as if he wanted a hug, or was trying to fly away.

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Jacob Driscoll

Jacob Driscoll

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Jacob Driscoll believes that you are a good person. He wants you to know you are not alone. He is cheering for you. Jacob lives and writes in Brooklyn. He has written interactive fiction for EN Publishing, including The Indomitable Fire Forest of Inennotdar and the upcoming The Dying Skyseer. He knows you can pull through this.