[ 10apr19 ]
Spring Issue of Stirring Released

The spring issue of Stirring is here with work from Amanda Gaines, Alyse Knorr, Kayla Williams, Mario Loprete, and more! Also, dance it out for 20 years! The party continues! /

[ 09apr19 ]
Sundress Closes Soon for Annual Chapbook Contest!

Sundress Publications announces its sixth annual chapbook contest. Authors of all genres are invited to submit qualifying manuscripts during our reading period which ends on April 30th, 2019. Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and hybrids are welcome. Find out more here.

[ 26mar19 ]
Sundress Releases Wind on the Moon by Katie Burgess

We are so excited to release the 2018 chapbook contest winner, Wind on the Moon by Katie Burgess! Diane Roberts says of this collection, "From the guys who faked the moon landing to what really went down in the Garden of Eden back in the day, Katie Burgess's sly and sharp stories take you on a trip through the secret soul of America. Her prose shines like polished steel and cuts like an obsidian blade. She's as funny as David Sedaris and twice as bold." Download it for free here.

[ 08apr19 ]
Spring Issue of Pretty Owl Poetry Released

Issue 21 of Pretty Owl Poetry has bloomed with contributions by Kristen Kurlich, Sara Moore Wagner, Debbra Palmer, Ellen Stone, Sierra Farrare, Susan Trofimow, Angelique Zobitz, Jill Khoury, Katherine Fallon, Beth Gordon, Darla Mottram, Brett Salsbury, Vivian Lawry, Meghan Tutolo, and Jack McKenna.

[ 02apr19 ]
Scholarships Available for Retreat for Survival and Healing

Sundress Academy for the Arts is hosting its third annual generative writing retreat celebrating survival and healing on July 6-7, 2019. This two-day retreat for sexual assault survivors will be held in Oak Ridge, TN and will be a safe space for creativity, generative writing exercises, discussions on ways to write trauma, advice on publishing, and more. Come join us in mutual support for a weekend of writing time for healing, safety, and comfort. Scholarships are available! Register now or find out more about our scholarships here.

[ 01apr19 ]
New Issue of Rogue Agent Released

A tab of skin, red ribbons, and a shimmy of unreality... Rogue Agent 49 is here! Showcasing poetry by Frances Boyle, Joylanda Jamison, Sarah Lilius, Brynn Martin, Jillian M. Phillips, Louisa Schnaithmann, Cindy Veach, Sara Moore Wagner, Ferral Willcox, and Kate Wright—and featuring an interview with ire'ne lara silva about Cuicacalli: House of Song.