[ 11jun19 ]
Sundress Publications Open for Full-Length Poetry Manuscripts

Sundress Publications is now open for full-length poetry manuscripts!! This year our top selection from the reading period also will receive a free one-week writing residency at the Sundress Academy for the Arts in Knoxville, TN! Find out more here.

[ 05jun19 ]
Doubleback Books Open for Out-of-Print Books

If you are the author of a book that has recently gone out of print because the press closed, Doubleback Books wants to read it. They are hosting an open reading period from June-August 2019. Authors of works that have gone out of print due to the closure of the original press may submit full-length or shorter books, including novels, novellas, chapbooks, short story collections, poetry collections, essay collections, and memoirs. To be eligible, works must have been both published and out of print after 2000.

[ 01jun19 ]
Blood Stripes by Aaron Graham Now Available for Pre-Order

Aaron Graham's debut full-length collection is a haunting, unprecedented example of contemporary trench poetry. Set in Iraq during the mid-2000's, Blood Stripes delves into the complexity and trauma of modern conflict. Through the eyes of a marine, these poems illustrate the intimacy of violence with candid brutality. Beyond the innate bonds formed between comrades, a strange communion develops across enemy lines as those charged with destroying each other do so with a kind of tenderness. Pre-order your copy today!

[ 01jun19 ]
June Issue of Rogue Agent Released

Dragon scales, the head of the king, and a pink-coated pill...Rogue Agent 51 is here! Featuring poetry by Anthony AW, Callista Buchen, Gemma Cooper-Novack, Jasper Kennedy, Raymond Luczak, Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah, Ellen Samuels, Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, Christine Taylor, and Hannah Yerington.

[ 08may19 ]
Sundress Announces New Podcast, Shitty First Drafts

Shitty First Drafts is a podcast hosted by two writers, Brynn Martin and Stephanie Phillips, that aims to demystify the writing process through conversation and a good sense of humor. Each episode, a guest writer is asked to share an older piece of writing—whether it's an early draft of a current work or something scrawled in a high school notebook—as well as a newer, polished piece. While the show is centered around writing and drafting, it also seeks insight into the evolution of writers over time and how that affects the way they approach the page, revision, and getting shit done. SFD plans to interview writers of different genres, experience, and style, while asking the same question: how do you get from the shitty first draft to the final one? Listen to the first episode today!