[ 17jan19 ]
Sundress Extends Deadline for Short Story Manuscripts!

For the first time ever, Sundress Publications is now open for submissions of full-length short story manuscripts! All authors are welcome to submit qualifying manuscripts during our reading period. We have extended the deadline to February 1st!

[ 09jan19 ]
Sundress Releases Chickenhawks & Goldilocks by Grey Vild

We are so excited to announce the publication of Chickenhawks & Goldilocks by Grey Vild! Of the collection, Cortney Lamar Charleston says "Here we, poet and reader, overcome the loss that would have us lose ourselves—a loss all too present for those in and aside the trans community—and find resolve to carry forward in the beautiful project of living, to make the choice every day while still honoring those who felt they couldn't, hiding nothing about how difficult, at times, the living is and will be." Download it for free now!

[ 02jan19 ]
New Stirring Released!

Stirring turns twenty this year, and you bet she is celebrating all year long! They have some amazing work this issue: poems by Ben McClendon and Jessica Mehta, fiction by Amanda Malone, flash CNF by Gwyneth Henke, art by Dana Potter and Kelly Moore, reviews by Alessio Franko and Donna Vorreyer, and so many more amazing works and people who created them. Go on and have a look! And while you're at it, eat a cupcake, because we're celebrating!

[ 01jan19 ]
New Issue of Rogue Agent Released

A butterfly needle, a sugar cookie, and egg cups filled with small lunatics...Rogue Agent 46 is here! Featuring poetry by Brian Baumgart, Ace Boggess, Catherine Carson, Juliet Cook & j/j hastain, Becca Connors, Kate LaDew, Amy Miller, Rushda Rafeek, Leslie Contreras Schwartz, and Sydney Vance, with mesmerizing art work by Renata Solimini!