[ 04feb20 ]
Sundress Releases [re]construction of the necromancer by Hannah V Warren

We are thrilled to release our newest e-chap and winner of our 2019 Chapbook Contest, [re]construction of the necromancer by Hannah V Warren! Follow the breadcrumbs into [re]construction of the necromancer, Hannah V Warren's darkly evolved retelling of Hansel and Gretel. The ground hums. The forest speaks. And Gretel must master death to survive in a candy house haunted by bones and the smell of burnt hair. Download your copy for free today!

[ 01feb20 ]
January Issue of Rogue Agent Released

A paper bird, fresh loam, and cascading red hair... Rogue Agent 59 is here featuring poetry by KB Baltz, Sara Williams Barnett, Constance Bourg, Melissa Eleftherion, Kristin Garth, Gail Goepfert, Juliana Gray, Cameron Haramia, Jessica Sabo, Adelina Sarkisyan, and Carolyn Wilsey.

[ 28jan20 ]
Pre-Orders Now Available for The Familiar Wild: On Dogs & Poetry

What does it mean for a poet to love a dog—especially knowing it will never outlive them? The Familiar Wild: On Dogs & Poetry catapults readers into the marrows of living and feeling alongside our mysterious canines: a species that often teaches us about what it means to be human. These selections, as chosen by Ruth Awad and Rachel Mennies, interrogate our lives as they've intertwined with humanity's most beloved house companion. Pre-order your copy today!

[ 21jan20 ]
Pre-Orders Now Available for Robert Long Foreman's Short-Story Collection

Pre-orders are now available for I Am Here to Make Friends by Robert Long Foreman. In Sundress Publications' first-ever short story collection! These darkly comic and earnestly intimate stories combine the incisive energy of the essay-istic with the willing gaze of the individualistic outsider, bringing a freshness to this collection of short fiction, containing award-winning pieces alongside a brand-new gem, that smacks of real life: surprising, unexpected, and intense.

[ 21jan20 ]
Sundress Now Open for Annual Broadside Contest

Sundress Publications is pleased to announce that we are now open for submissions for our poetry broadside contest. The winner's poem will be letterpress-printed as an 8.5” x 11” broadside and made available for sale on our online store. The winner will receive $200 and 20 copies of their broadside. Find out more here!