[ 11jul18 ]
SAFTA Announces Fourth Estate Residency Fellowship

The Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) is excited to announce that they are accepting applications for a new fellowship in long-form journalism and/or nonfiction. The Fourth Estate Residency fellowship comes with a two-week residency during the spring or summer residency periods as well as a $500 stipend. In the age of anti-journalism and “fake news," we believe it is more important than ever to give journalists and writers time to research, write, and revise work that delves into the events and issues of our time. Our group of ten writers (Camille Dungy, Eliza Griswold, Patrick Hicks, Ilyse Kusnetz, in memoriam, Kathryn Miles, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Brian Turner, Sholeh Wolpe, Elliott Woods, and Sunil Yapa) have joined together to make this possible. Although several of us work in writing disciplines outside of journalism, we believe it is crucial to support the work of journalists—especially in a time when the entire profession is under threat. Find out more here.

[ 01jul18 ]
Sundress Now Open for Full-Length Manuscripts

Sundress Publications is opening for submissions of full-length manuscripts. All authors are welcome to submit qualifying manuscripts during our reading period, which runs from June 1st to August 15th, 2018. Find out more here.

[ 01jul18 ]
New Rogue Agent Released

A black nova, split cocoons, and a bonfire next door... Issue 39 of Rogue Agent 40 is here! Featuring work by Kinsey Cantrell, Mark Anthony Cayanan, Kathleen Culver, Wanda Deglane, Judy Kaber, Annmarie OG Annie O'Connell, Kara Phillips, Ashley Roach-Freiman, Shloka Shankar, and Donna Vorreyer, with art by Mary Guterson! http://rogueagentjournal.com/issue40

[ 03jul18 ]
Sundress Releases Erika Eckart's The Tyranny of Heirlooms

Sundress is very excited to announce the release of Erika Eckart's chapbook, The Tyranny of Heirlooms. Nicole Matos says of the collection, "The Tyranny of Heirlooms is itself 'magical material,' a meditation on the necessity for escape, the impossibility of escape, and maybe, ultimately, 'the illusion of escape' that salves and saves us all. Equal parts a 'hope chest' and a list of regrets, the book burgeons with the accumulations of lives which are always 'much more than...could ever fit inside.'" Read it for free today!

[ 01jul18 ]
Spring Issue of Stirring Released

We can't deny it, the latest issue of Stirring is one big HOT MESS. That's because it's our themed issue. The work in this issue has hot messes creeping just below the surface and others in full blown train wreck. Some are a slow burn, a kindling in the backyard, while others show the house burned down. Whatever the impact, one important message comes from this issue: we are all here together in this hot mess. We see you, we know you, and we will stand on the messy ashes with you.