[ 09jul19 ]
New Issue of Pretty Owl Poetry Released

Pretty Owl Poetry's new issue is live on and ready to be your poolside companion with incredible work from Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier, Sally Brown Deskins, C. R. Resetarits, Tyler Gillespie, Emily Kendal Frey, K Dulai, Susan Carlson, Stephen Lin, Josh Daniel, Melissa Martini, Brooke Schifano, Hadiyyah Kuma, Guy Biederman, Marc Pietrzykowski, Joshua Zelesnick, Anthony DiPietro, Rebecca Martin, and A.R. Franz-Blair!

[ 02jul19 ]
Summer Issue of Stirring is Live!

Stirring's summer issue is alive and kicking the heat like the coolest glass of lemonade you've ever tasted. This is our third installment in the celebratory twenty years of Stirring. It features poems from Lauren Bender, Ardic Tenuta, and Tara A. Elliott. It also allows space for longer selections of fiction and nonfiction from Will Brooks and Michelle Gurule alongside a review of Elisabeth Horan's chapbook written by Jessica Drake-Thomas. The incredible visual art curation features work from Phoebe Nale and Alex Cline with a photo series from Brittany V. Wilder. If you haven't heard about our upcoming themed issue, head over to our social media after reading this issue.

[ 01jul19 ]
July Issue of Rogue Agent Released

A BABY BONE BRIDGE and a midsummer shimmer, boiled-crawdad red.... Rogue Agent 52 is here! Featuring the poetic stylings of Jonathan B. Aibel, Emily Blair, Jessica Lynne Furtado, Adam Gianforcaro, Isa Guzman, Kathleen Hellen, Kalyn McAlister, Robin Moss, Cheryl Pallant, and Justin Vicari, with art by Amy Bassin!

[ 11jun19 ]
Sundress Publications Open for Full-Length Poetry Manuscripts

Sundress Publications is now open for full-length poetry manuscripts!! This year our top selection from the reading period also will receive a free one-week writing residency at the Sundress Academy for the Arts in Knoxville, TN! Find out more here.

[ 05jun19 ]
Doubleback Books Open for Out-of-Print Books

If you are the author of a book that has recently gone out of print because the press closed, Doubleback Books wants to read it. They are hosting an open reading period from June-August 2019. Authors of works that have gone out of print due to the closure of the original press may submit full-length or shorter books, including novels, novellas, chapbooks, short story collections, poetry collections, essay collections, and memoirs. To be eligible, works must have been both published and out of print after 2000.