[ 30nov19 ]
Sundress Now Open for Short Story Collections

Sundress Publications is opening for submissions of full-length short story manuscripts. All authors are welcome to submit qualifying manuscripts during our reading period, which runs from October 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. Find out more here!

[ 22nov19 ]
Ruth Foley's Dead Man's Float Now Available for Sale

We are very excited to announce the release of Ruth Foley's debut full-length collection, Dead Man's Float, an ode to the sea, the earth, and the body. This is a collection of estuary poems: wooded and mossed over, burying all the things we’d like to forget in the deepest of forests, the wettest of mud, the farthest depths of the ocean. Order yours today!

[ 20nov19 ]
beestung Releases Debut Issue

The debut issue of beestung is live with work from Joanna Valente, S*an D. Henry-Smith, moira j., Elliot Rose Winter, Eleanor Eli Moss, Lyrik Courtney, and Briar Ripley Page!

[ 01nov19 ]
November Issue of Rogue Agent Released

Treacle, honeycomb, and invisible grime...Rogue Agent 56 is here featuring poetry by Steven Luria Ablon, Maura Alia Badji, Holly Day, Jo Angela Edwins, Jim Ferris, Rachael Gay, Jennifer Hancock, Linda Lamenza, Michele Sharpe, and Ann E. Wallace, plus an interview with Tara Shea Burke discussing embodied poetry and how she wrote Animal Like Any Other.

[ 15oct19 ]
Debut Issue of Doubleback Review Launched

We are so excited about the release of the debut issue of a href="http://doublebackreview.com/issue-1-1-october-2019/" target="new">Doubleback Review, the journal for work that was previously lost to a defunct journal. Gorgeous cover art by Lauren Steinhofer, poems by Emily Rose Cole, Kate Horowitz, Seth Jani, Bobbi Lurie, Sandy Marchetti, Noemi Ixchel Martinez-poeta, Ashley Roach-Freiman, Lauren Scarhag, and Carol Was, fiction by Dave Barrett, Leslie Doyle, David Joseph, Lauren Klavan, and Jodee Stanley, nonfiction by Eileen Favorite and Candace Walsh, and a hybrid piece by Jan Becker.