[ 01nov17 ]
Sundress Open for Broadside Competition [Deadline: November 30, 2017]

Just one month left to get your submissions in for our new poetry broadside contest. The winner's poem will be letterpress-printed and made available for sale on our online store. The winner will receive $200 and 20 copies of their broadside. Find out more here.

[ 01nov17 ]
New Issue of Rogue Agent Released

Seawater, silicone, and hyperspace.... Rogue Agent 32 is here! With poetry by Gayle Brandeis, Anthony DiPietro, Jo Angela Edwins, Maggie Graber, Jade Hurter, Travis Chi Wing Lau, Liv Mammone, Sarah Nichols, Annie Pittman, and Shannon Sankey; an art feature with Hannah Chertock / Bodies Adapt; and an interview with Sarah A. Chavez about embodied poetry and her new collection, Hands That Break and Scar!

[ 31oct17 ]
Curious Specimens Released

Featuring the work of Eric Baus, Mathias Svalina, Emily O'Neill, Sonya Vatomsky, Moss Angel, and MANDEM, among many others, Curious Specimens is an anthology of the strange and wondrous things that make us human. Andi and Lance Olsen catalog the effects 'one's memories breaking loose' has on the body. A speaker warns of alternate selves coming for her 'crystal core'. A Jackalope-Girl gets a late-night tattoo. Comfort comes in the form of Cerebus, crocodile eggs, a pile of bones. As Susan Slaviero writes, it might even be 'better to be an anomaly,' someone who defies easy classification. Read it for free now!

[ 30oct17 ]
Open Reading Period Selections Announced

We are thrilled to announce the results of the 2017 Open Reading Period. Our staff has selected the following manuscripts for publication as part of our 2019 catalog: Divining Bones by Charlie Bondhus, Blood Stripes by Aaron Graham, Roughage by Leah Silvieus , and Afakasi | Half-Caste by Hali F. Sofala-Jones. You can see the full list of finalists and semi-finalists here.

[ 11oct17 ]
Donate to Help Feed the Herd

Looking for a way to give some love to Jayne, Munchma, Winky, and all the other critters at Firefly Farms? Now you can! Your tax-deductible donation can help to feed a chicken, goat, sheep, or even Jayne for a whole month!

[ 10oct17 ]
New Issue of Pretty Owl Poetry Released

Issue 15 of Pretty Owl Poetry is now live! With many thanks to our contributors Jessica Lauffer, Krista Cox, Wheeler Light, Ranee Zaporski, M. Borries, Judy Halebsky, Kimberly Grabowski Strayer, Elizabeth Ehrlich, Ben Kline, Karen Lethlean, Velicia Jerus Darquenne, and amazing art work by Kristen Egan.