Welcome to the final issue of Mentress Moon, an online journal by women.

June 2002


in this issue:

larkspur II, Jennifer Nuccio Llewellyn

Laura Bieber: "The Dreaming", "River" and "Tinsel"

Dawn Bruce: "pearl-grey and silver" and "The Bull"

Jennifer Gibbons: "Interstate 680 Adoration Poem"

Susan Gorgioski: "It's About This or That", "Detours on Journey Through Humidity with Geese", "So Many Ways to Say I Don't Care" and "Venetian Dreaming"

Laura Hartman: "little boxes"

Mandy Pannett: "Carl", "Frog on Worthing Beach" and "Cut off from the everyday world by water"

Jennifer Poteet: "Barbara", "Meet the Family" and "In Absentia"

Susan Richardson: "Self-Contained", "Tropical Night" and "The Winged Chariot"

Elizabeth Simson: "Opening the Conversation" and "Women's Studies"

Lynne Thompson: "Queens" and "Who Dances"

Patricia Wellingham-Jones: "The Grotto" and "The Traveler"

Juliet Wilson: 'Inconceivable' and 'Major New Artist"





issue updated 15 June 02